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Coffee Time Interviews

In Mi quest to provide some reliable information on the practices of film making & production, I’ve begun a series of interviews with professionals who should know better – and do!

The simple premiss of all the interviews is a short interview over a cup of coffee.  I’m looking to get the word from the”horses mouth“, from the people we’ll (hopefully) be working with on the long road from finishing our scripts to the Q&A at our screenings. I’ll be editing the interviews for length and time but not content. So, what you hear will be the unabridged views and tips from the interviewees.

The first interview is with Graeme Chapman, co-founder of ’boutique’ film distributor FilmWorks Entertainment.  Based out of Los Angeles, Graeme and his business partner Heidi Meier have been steadily growing the business for the past three years, releasing one to two films per month worldwide, across all platforms.


As a fellow Brit, Graeme and I had a lot to talk about, so there will be three parts to the interview – one each month in August, September and October.

Join me for the first part of the interview on August 15th.

The Guvnor


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