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The radio – In Mi Experience!

Despite the slow start while I was still in LA, now I’m here on the ground (and can talk to people face to face) interest in The Life and Death and Life of The Black Country is growing.

A local Wolverhampton radio station enjoyed hearing about the project and seems open to follow up stories in the run up to Halloween.

The Haunted


The Black Country is Alive – With the Dead!

Wednesbury based production company Guvnor Media Ltd. is using a documentary project to “raise the spirits” of The Black Country.

In the run up to Halloween, Guvnor Media Ltd. is working with The Crooked House pub in Himley to capture a number of local ‘Black Country Ghost Stories’ for their blog, The Haunted Kingdom.

Recently returned from Hollywood, Black Country writer/director Mark Todd said, “Growing up here, I know The Black Country has so many great characters and ghost stories. We want to capture some of these on video and put them on the web for the whole world to enjoy.”

The Haunted Kingdom is part of a much larger project centred on The Black Country and The Crooked House. “We’re hoping that some of the ghost stories we uncover can be used in our documentary, The Life and Death and Life of The Black Country.”

Born the son of a steel worker at the Patent Shaft in Wednesbury, Todd knows what it was like growing up during the blackouts and industrial turmoil of the 70s. Returning from America last year to start the project, he was pleased to see so many new developments in housing and industry. “The amazing growth in The Black Country recently is like a life after the “death” the region suffered in the 1970s when all the local factories closed.”

The third part of The Crooked House Project is a feature film, which is a semi-fictional account of hauntings at the Himley pub. Landlord brothers, Wayne and Jason Penn, are enthusiastic about the project and have readily embraced the little bit of Hollywood happening in their famous tilted pub.

Guvnor Media is confident that The Haunted Kingdom videos will capture the “spirit” of The Black Country and would like to hear from anyone with a ghostly or historical story to tell.

Guvnor Media Ltd


Black Magic Cinema Camera Review

Now not many people have had the opportunity to try out the new Black Magic 2.5K camera. But at $3000 including DaVinci Resolve editing software it is being called a ‘game changer’.

Check out this great little review (12 minutes but well worth it) by Rick Young.

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