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A Good Reception for “Bad Reception” in Dunstable.

Ashley Trevathan and Spike BreakwellThe irony of watching a film about a killer TV on a large screen TV was not lost on the audience at the UK premiere of Bad Reception.

Producer Spike Breakwell, lead actress Ashley Trevathan, and director Mark Alexander Todd looked on as members of the audience watched, rapt, as the scary and sometimes gory story unfolded. Accompanied by the odd scream of surprise, the audience watched the supernatural goings on all the way to the film’s thrilling climax.

When the lights came up, the VIP lounge at the Highwayman rang to the sound of applause. Not known for its film premieres, The Highwayman Hotel took the premiere to heart. Fitting a red carpet on the entrance gave the premiere a real Hollywood feel, and the free hot popcorn added a sense of theatrical fun.

Audience member Nicholas Donnithorne was caught out by Bad Reception’s many scary moments, and later said “Bearing in mind I do not watch horror films, for reasons you soon noticed, I really enjoyed it.”

American actress and star of the film, Ashley Trevathan, said, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen the film, and it’s always awkward to watch myself on screen, but I really enjoyed it.”

While the evening was fun for everyone concerned, there was a serious side to the event. All of the money raised from DVD sales and donations was donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. With the sad loss of Spike’s mentor, Kevin Robinson, in September, “It seemed a good way to remember Kevin and the positive influence he had on my life,” said Breakwell.

Breakwell and Todd have more showings of the film planned for 2013. They are also collaborating on a new project, which is a documentary about ghosts in the West Midlands. Details about all the Guvnor Films projects can be found at:


Sony PMW-F5 & PMW-F55 4K Cine Cameras

Well, the battle continues between the big camera companies to create an ‘affordable cine camera’. I think it’s fair to say the original pioneers of the digital cine camera, Sony, have been a little behind companies like RED in recent years. But this press release from two days ago may be the start of a comeback.

Sony PMW F5/F55

Press Release: Bad Reception UK film premiere for charity.


Dunstable-born writer and stand-up comedian, Spike Breakwell, is to play host to the UK premiere of his first feature film “Bad Reception”.  reakwell, formerly one of Rory Bremner’s writers and star of BBC2’s disability show “From the Edge”, plays Ziggy Fontaine in the award winning horror movie.

The premiere will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support as a tribute to Kevin Robinson, the theatre director and friend of Breakwell who died of cancer in September. “He believed I could act right from the word go”, Breakwell explains. “And I guess, as I’m in a Hollywood movie he was right”.

Filming days in Hollywood are long as Breakwell remembers “We were shooting my scenes on the set in North Hollywood, I was on set, made up and ready to go and it was only eight am”, he says. “My character is supposed to be very bubbly and lively and described in the script as a self-styled “Stephen Hawking of Hollywood” not easy at that time in the morning.”

Director Mark Todd (Guvnor Films) remembers, “Spike knew that the set wasn’t friendly to his disability, but he was a real pro and told the crew jokes as they carried him and his wheelchair up two flights of stairs.”

As well as appearing in the movie, Breakwell took an executive role as a producer on the project. He jokes, “That’s how I got the film company to hold the UK premiere in Dunstable”, he explains. “Mark (Todd) lives in Birmingham. Who wants to spend a night in Solihull?”

The event will be held atThe Highwayman Hotel Saturday 24th November 8pm and as well as Breakwell, director Mark Todd and American lead actress Ashley Trevathan will also be attending. The screening is free to all-comers, but the producers ask for a voluntary donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.  It should be a great night for horror fans and devotees of independent cinema.

Spike Breakwell

Mobile: 07976 289832


Guvnor Films website:

The Black Country is Alive – With the Dead!

Wednesbury based production company Guvnor Media Ltd. is using a documentary project to “raise the spirits” of The Black Country.

In the run up to Halloween, Guvnor Media Ltd. is working with The Crooked House pub in Himley to capture a number of local ‘Black Country Ghost Stories’ for their blog, The Haunted Kingdom.

Recently returned from Hollywood, Black Country writer/director Mark Todd said, “Growing up here, I know The Black Country has so many great characters and ghost stories. We want to capture some of these on video and put them on the web for the whole world to enjoy.”

The Haunted Kingdom is part of a much larger project centred on The Black Country and The Crooked House. “We’re hoping that some of the ghost stories we uncover can be used in our documentary, The Life and Death and Life of The Black Country.”

Born the son of a steel worker at the Patent Shaft in Wednesbury, Todd knows what it was like growing up during the blackouts and industrial turmoil of the 70s. Returning from America last year to start the project, he was pleased to see so many new developments in housing and industry. “The amazing growth in The Black Country recently is like a life after the “death” the region suffered in the 1970s when all the local factories closed.”

The third part of The Crooked House Project is a feature film, which is a semi-fictional account of hauntings at the Himley pub. Landlord brothers, Wayne and Jason Penn, are enthusiastic about the project and have readily embraced the little bit of Hollywood happening in their famous tilted pub.

Guvnor Media is confident that The Haunted Kingdom videos will capture the “spirit” of The Black Country and would like to hear from anyone with a ghostly or historical story to tell.

Guvnor Media Ltd


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