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Independent Series by Guvnor Media goes to The Public

The Haunted KingdomFor the past 5 months, Guvnor Media Ltd has been creating a growing number of short videos for its series The Haunted Kingdom.


Based around an area of the UK called The Black Country, the series looks at the many historical ghost stories that surround the region. The beauty of the series is contained not only the people relating the stories, but also the glimpse into the history of an area that encompasses The Industrial Revolution.

The first six videos of the series are now part of an exhibition at The Public in West Bromwich – Black Country Legends. This is the latest  of the videos which takes a look at The Crooked House, near Dudley.

Keep a look out for more new stories in the coming months.

The Guvnor Media Team.


Do people like to jump on moving trains?

A long time ago I worked with a guy, (let’s call him Dick) who despite knowing very little about the film business, taught me a lot about people. In the three years that Dick and I worked together (before he ‘did the dirty’ me), I learned a few valuable lessons about how people think. One of them was ‘people like moving trains’.

Now I’m a few years older myself, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the situations that Dick and I spoke about, as well as add a little of Mi Experience to the mix.

So do people like moving trains?

Well, if you’re trying to get on the 6:15 to Birmingham and it’s pulling out of the station then no, BUT, that’s not what we’re talking about here. In business people DO like moving trains! If you’re starting a film or media project, no one really wants to be the first person to jump on-board. No one wants to have the pressure of being the first to champion your project just in case (I’m sorry to say it) it’s crap. So many, many times good projects fail to get going because no one will get aboard the best train in the station.

So for Mi current project I’ve taken a different strategy – I decided to green light it myself! Yep that simple. I decided not to ask for anyone’s approval or backing, I put the proposal together, wrote the script (The Crooked House), started a website (The Haunted Kingdom) and finally began work on a background documentary AKA The Life and Death and Life of The Black Country.

So how is it going? Well funny you should ask – very well.

Mi company owns enough equipment to begin shooting and so far we have shot three ghost stories (for The Haunted Kingdom), two events for the documentary and we have a gaggle of interviewees coming down the pipeline in the next couple of weeks. Things are moving forward and some days I don’t know how, but momentum is gaining and the train is moving because it has to. And people are jumping aboard because, like the 6:15 to Birmingham, they feel they need to. I look forward to rewarding their faith with some quality entertainment.

Please take a minute (well three actually) to watch a great ghost story related by Anthony Ledington.

The Black Country is Alive – With the Dead!

Wednesbury based production company Guvnor Media Ltd. is using a documentary project to “raise the spirits” of The Black Country.

In the run up to Halloween, Guvnor Media Ltd. is working with The Crooked House pub in Himley to capture a number of local ‘Black Country Ghost Stories’ for their blog, The Haunted Kingdom.

Recently returned from Hollywood, Black Country writer/director Mark Todd said, “Growing up here, I know The Black Country has so many great characters and ghost stories. We want to capture some of these on video and put them on the web for the whole world to enjoy.”

The Haunted Kingdom is part of a much larger project centred on The Black Country and The Crooked House. “We’re hoping that some of the ghost stories we uncover can be used in our documentary, The Life and Death and Life of The Black Country.”

Born the son of a steel worker at the Patent Shaft in Wednesbury, Todd knows what it was like growing up during the blackouts and industrial turmoil of the 70s. Returning from America last year to start the project, he was pleased to see so many new developments in housing and industry. “The amazing growth in The Black Country recently is like a life after the “death” the region suffered in the 1970s when all the local factories closed.”

The third part of The Crooked House Project is a feature film, which is a semi-fictional account of hauntings at the Himley pub. Landlord brothers, Wayne and Jason Penn, are enthusiastic about the project and have readily embraced the little bit of Hollywood happening in their famous tilted pub.

Guvnor Media is confident that The Haunted Kingdom videos will capture the “spirit” of The Black Country and would like to hear from anyone with a ghostly or historical story to tell.

Guvnor Media Ltd

Email: info@guvnormedia.co.uk

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